Historic Moment: The upcoming season of Bigg Boss Kannada will witness a historic moment as a Labrador dog, known for its role in the hit movie "777 Charlie," is set to participate in the show.

Tenth Season: This season marks the tenth installment of Bigg Boss Kannada, a highly popular reality show in the Kannada television industry.

Hosted by Kichcha Sudeep: The show continues to be hosted by the well-known actor Kichcha Sudeep, who has been a staple of the program.

New Dynamics: The inclusion of the Labrador pet in the Bigg Boss house is expected to introduce new dynamics to the show, which primarily focuses on observing human behavior.

Pet's Stay: The pet is anticipated to reside inside the Bigg Boss house for a few weeks, providing a unique twist to the typical format of the show.

Task Influence: Some of the tasks in the show are likely to be designed around the presence of the pet, creating intriguing situations for the contestants.

777 Charlie: The Labrador gained fame through its heartwarming performance in the movie "777 Charlie" and is now set to capture hearts on television.

Happy Bigg Boss Theme: The upcoming season is themed "Happy Bigg Boss," promising an entertaining and joyous experience for the viewers.

Contestant Count: Season 10 of Bigg Boss Kannada will feature a total of 17 contestants, adding to the excitement and competition.

Promo Impact: The promotional material for the show has already generated significant interest and anticipation among the audience, setting the stage for a memorable season.