Tragic Loss: Adult Eagle Electrocuted on Jacobsen Road

found Deceased Eagle: On Saturday morning, January 6, an adult eagle, one of approximately 10 resident eagles in West Seattle, was found dead.

Cause of Death: Urban Conservation & Wildlife Biologist/Specialist Kersti Muul identified the cause of death as electrocution. The eagle's fleshy parts came in contact with 2 phase power lines on Jacobsen Road, resulting in cross-phasing.

Preventive Measures: Despite efforts to prevent such incidents, Muul explained that electrocution can still occur. The incident highlights the ongoing challenges of coexistence between wildlife and urban infrastructure.

National Repository Investigation: The deceased eagle will be taken to a national repository for further investigation. This step aims to gather insights into the circumstances surrounding the electrocution.

Mated Pair and Nesting Season: The electrocuted eagle was part of a mated pair. Although there was no apparent nest, Muul noted that it is nesting season, emphasizing the significance of the timing of the incident.

Audible Grieving Process: Muul mentioned that the mate of the deceased eagle was observed crying as it flew over the scene. This behavior is identified as part of the grieving process among eagles.

Continued Wildlife Conservation Challenges: The tragic incident underscores the ongoing challenges in balancing wildlife conservation with urban development. Efforts to minimize such occurrences remain crucial in fostering coexistence between nature and urban areas.