Top 7 Animal with longest Neck

Giraffe: The giraffe is well-known for having the longest neck of any living animal, allowing it to reach leaves high up in trees.

Ostrich: Ostriches have long necks which they use to reach vegetation and to keep a lookout for predators in their African savannah habitat.

Alpaca: Alpacas have relatively long necks compared to their bodies, which helps them graze on vegetation in the Andes Mountains of South America.

Swan: Swans have long, graceful necks that they often arch and use for feeding on aquatic plants and algae.

Camel: Camels have long, flexible necks that enable them to reach vegetation in arid desert regions where food may be scarce.

Emu: Emus have long necks which they use for foraging on plants, fruits, and insects in their native Australian habitats.