Billie Eilish: Singer Billie Eilish, at 21, proudly owns Shark, a blue nose Pitbull, defying stereotypes.

Dave Bautista: Actor and former wrestler, Dave Bautista, advocates for animal rescue and owns four Pitbulls.

Jennifer Aniston: Famous actress Jennifer Aniston has a rescued Pitbull named Sophie among her three beloved dogs.

Jon Stewart: Comedian Jon Stewart and his family care for three Pitbulls and champion animal welfare causes.

Patrick Mahomes: NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes prioritizes family, including his Pitbull, Steel, and a Cane Corso named Silver.

Rachael Ray: TV cook Rachael Ray and her husband honor the memory of their beloved Pitbull, Isaboo, while embracing their new Pitbull mix, Bella Boo Blue.

Wil Wheaton: Actor and author Wil Wheaton shares his home with Marlowe, a Pitbull mix, and actively supports animal rights causes

All these celebrities challenge misconceptions about Pitbulls and demonstrate the love and companionship these dogs bring into their lives.