Wolf is a wild animal, while Husky is a domesticated breed of dog.

Wolves are larger and heavier than Huskies.

Huskies have a distinctive double coat that helps them withstand cold weather, while wolves have a thicker, shaggy coat.

Wolves are known for their hunting abilities and have a predatory nature, while Huskies were bred for sledding and have a strong endurance.

Huskies are more sociable and friendly towards humans and other animals compared to wolves, which are generally wary and territorial.

Wolves have a stronger bite force and sharper teeth than Huskies.

Huskies are highly trainable and responsive to commands, while wolves are more independent and less inclined to follow human instructions.

Huskies are commonly kept as pets, while wolves are not suitable for domestication.

Wolves primarily live in the wild and form packs, whereas Huskies are kept as companions and live with human families.

Wolves have a more natural and instinctual behavior, while Huskies have been selectively bred for specific traits by humans.